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Hello my fellow bloggers! I’m Tinisha and whom do I have pleasure of sharing my future thoughts, emotions and perspectives with? Hopefully some pretty awesome people! Generally, I’m a relaxed, laid back individual who values four key things in life; communication, intelligence and peace and tranquility. I enjoy the simple things in life, you know? Like rainy days, falling leaves, long walks in the park. I guess I have a real adoration for it. Objects in their natural state are the most beautiful; like a woman without makeup. Moving onward– I’m a 21 year old female, originally from Rhode Island but currently residing in good ol’ South Carolina with my soul-mate Jason and his mother and father. While I’m greatly appreciative of their efforts in generously helping us out over the course of approximately the past 2 years now, I would love nothing more than getting my own place with Jason and truly being independent. I never did like depending on anyone. It’s not that I’m proud of anything; it’s just not my cup of tea. One lesson that I’ve learned thus far in life is to never depend on anyone but yourself because in the end, (one way or another); that is the only person you’ll have left.

Presently, I’m attending Virginia College and working towards my Associates degree in Office Administration. I have firm plans to also complete my Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration. I’m trying to work on one thing at a time and not get too ahead of myself here but I’m also considering attaching a degree in finance too along with bilingual in Spanish. I would never want to sound arrogant but I have the intention of turning this world upside down with my knowledge; for the better of course. My ultimate goal in life is to obtain a career making 6+ figures a year and be irreplaceable to a company, a real asset if you will. I know that the average person will claim that impossible or damn near it but I like to be that 1% who sees nothing as impossible. At the moment, both Jason and I work full-time in a refrigerator factory through a temp agency. Though temp agencies are highly known for having a huge turn over rate, we have been fortunate to find consistent stability at this place. However, we both are always seeking better opportunities; especially with me being in college. Manufacturing is completely irrelevant to my choice of studies and/or career. Even though business and manufacturing coincide with each other, it’s not quite what I had in mind for myself in the future. In fact, it may be too early to tell exactly what is in store for me. One thing I know for sure, even though I love Jason very much and we have been together for a little over 2 years now; marriage and children are very last on my list of things to do. We disagree on a lot of things but this is one we are both on the same page with. There is no race or competition. We barely have just started our life together.

The reason I have such a set of broad goals and priorities is because I had to mature at an early age due to my childhood. I used to have a repugnant infatuation with bringing up my past and using it as every excuse to back my poor verbal and non-verbal actions. I had literally convinced myself that being ignorant was my destiny and that I was mentally ill. For awhile my main purpose was to then convince everyone else around me of what I had convinced myself. I felt like no matter how hard I tried, I was always misunderstood and could never find the perfect words for persuasion. Truth was, I had too much time on my hands and was stuck in the vicious circle of denial. Now, I chalk up my past as unfortunate and move on towards bigger and better things because that is the only way. I’m legal now; which means that within reason, no one can control or make decisions for me anymore. I’m mentally independent. You can’t change the people around you to suit your needs. They have to want to change themselves. You won’t hear me talk too much about my past. Every so often, I may make small references to it but nothing more. At times, I may get sent back to the past and stumble into that dark place temporarily. It happens, we’re all human but I promise that I won’t dwell on it. That will remain a past time for me. At this time in my life, it is my mission in life to prove to myself everything that I can achieve through great effort, sweat, blood and tears. I don’t think I’m entitled to more than anyone else on this earth but I do feel that I deserve the equal chance to use my knowledge, resources, and everything that I learn in the future to help me build my desired future just as anyone does. Some people settle for the less complicated lifestyles; me? I like a challenge. It keeps my brain stimulated and I thrive off of that. Well, in the mean time; patience is a virtue and nothing good in life ever comes easy. So, I’ll leave you with this–

As time goes on, you will learn a substantial amount about me. Blogging is a great stress and anxiety reliever for me as I’m sure it is to a lot of people. This is a place where I feel like I can truly be myself. That’s difficult to do in today’s society. I want you to know that my blog will always be honest and I will always appreciate and respect the opinions of others whether I agree with them or not. I hope y’all enjoy my blog and I look forward to conversating and meeting each and every one of you!


~Tinisha A. Johnson


A little inspiration goes a long way.

Before I started going back to work again this week after having a very long, dragged out two week vacation; I made a promise to myself to start making some big changes in my life. Changes for the better. Let me catch y’all up to speed–

Prior to having two weeks off for holiday shut down, my life was miserable. It was almost unbearably miserable. I typically work 6 days a week when I don’t complain to my department manager that I want Saturday off. My job is ridiculously murdering my sanity…slowly but surely. To say the least, my job is rather repetitive and I really can’t chit-chat too much with the type of job that I do. Let me remind you that my job is full-time which means 8 hours every day, six days a week. Often times, I leave sore and not feeling too well. Let me also inform you that I work in a department that is extremely hot due to all the heat that the machines throw off. To sum it up, I’m just pathetically drained. Just hang me out to dry! Gosh, okay…I’m complaining WAY too much! Someone SHUT ME UP!

(Why so winey?)

Anyways, getting to my point here…

Everyday I come home and it seems like as fast as I come home, it’s 4:45 am and I’m fixing to go back to work again. Why does it feel that way? I’ll tell you why. This reason is probably the leading cause as to why I also talk and think about this place like it’s my life. That’s just it. I go to work for 8 hours, come home, complain about my day at work, dwell on my pain from work which makes me think about work again and then I go off to bed where I probably dream and/or have a nightmare about the place. Then of course I return to work there the next day. It’s literally my life. Sounds miserable, doesn’t it? I told myself that has to come to a stop and quick before I lose it. Granted, I can’t change my job (at the moment anyways) but I can do things to help my situation out (in the mean time). Here it is–

As soon as I leave the building, I clear my mind of that place. I refuse to have a single thought about my job, the people I work with, how my day went, or the day to follow. What about the pain? Icy Hot and extra strength Bayer are two wonderful things. Don’t get me wrong. From time to time, (like now) you might catch me posting about work but I can’t make it my life. Instead of coming home and laying down to watch t.v every single day, I made a firm, solemn promise to myself to work out 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour, read/blog, do school work, etc. You know? Productive things. I also promised myself to stick to a healthy lifestyle change (diet and exercise), cut back on cussing (I swear like a sailor), become more social and buckle down financially.

This week has been really rough getting back into the work flow. Monday was tragic. I left that place walking like I had the biggest stick up my you-know-what. It wasn’t pretty. As we speak, I think I’m coming down with a cold or the flu. I know this is TMI but my period is almost two and a half weeks late and NO, I’m not pregnant. I just think being off for two weeks, eating junk/eating more, sleeping in, etc might be throwing it off. My body isn’t used to all that. I’m used to eating healthy, being active and waking up at 4:30 every morning. Next week will be a better week to begin all these changes I’m promising myself. I’ve decided that I need time to get back into it all again.

Over the course of the two weeks, I did do a lot of self-evaluating which is good I guess. I’m always trying to find ways to better myself. I feed off of that! I think self-evaluation is critical in keeping yourself at your greatest potential. If you scroll to the bottom of my blog and click on the link that says, “2013 Bucket List”; well, that’s where all my ideas came from. I evaluated myself, figured out what I wanted to better and jotted it down.

I’m really stuck in a rut here. I needed a diagnosis. What was my problem? I’m an over thinker for one. I try to control things that I can’t and spend way too much time dwelling on ways that I might possibly be able to control things that I can’t. There is one thing that you will never be able to truly change in this world and that is other people. Oh and of course, the past which is also something I often think I can change. I’m miserable because of it. I constantly throw around this “Ms. Bad Ass from Rhode Island, Independent, don’t care what anyone thinks or says attitude. I jump down peoples throats when I hear something I don’t like or agree with. It’s gross. The worst part is that I make excuses for it, mostly referencing my past and my up bringing. Recently, I came to the conclusion that, “Yeah, I didn’t have the best childhood (certainly not the worst). I’ve had both friends and family hurt me.” but I’m legal now. I’m free and no one can control me any more. I’m responsible for my own actions, I am free to make my own decisions and change my situation at any time.

It happened. It was unfortunate. Move on.

No doubt it’s difficult. No one said it was going to be easy but it’s the only way. If not, you’re beating a dead horse and the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. Unfortunately for me, it took me about 6 years to wake up and smell reality. I should’ve went to college right after high school but for some odd reason, I decided to wait. As it stands right now, I could’ve been working on my MBA. Shame on me! I could’ve been well on my way but you know what? Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. The point is to MOVE ON and STOP WASTING precious time. For those of you reading my blog right now, I really do have to refer you to a blog that I’m subscribed to. Meet Jennifer! She is such a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. You need motivation or inspiration? She’s the person to turn to. She has a great knack for both.

Jennifer’s Blog – Dream Life Moments

I’ll be using one of her methods for keeping a positive attitude. Sticky notes with positive sayings. It may sound stupid but let me tell you, it works! I already indulged in a non-sticky note method at work and it made me smile. Yes, I said smile. Basically, this machine operator that I work with on my line has a habit where when it’s her turn to come to inspect the liners, she tugs them out of my hands which irks the heck out of me! If I say something, I’ll just be opening a can of worms. So, what I do is every time I go to hand her off the parts and she tugs them out of my hands, I say something positive in my head whether it be about myself or in general. It makes me laugh sometimes. I have a lot of empty time on my job. There are only so many tunes you can hum and thoughts you can have. Why not be creative? Change it up a bit?

Having a lot of empty time can be a good thing if you use it to your benefit. I’m trying to practice spending more time talking with the man up stairs, evaluating myself, incorporating positiveness in my life, figuring out ways to be a better person, editing my list of priorities, and conjuring up blog post ideas. The days where I have to go home and do school, I think about my assignments and how I want to execute them. Silence is golden they say.

If I could leave you with some food for thought, I would say the following:

Don’t get caught up in the downward spiral of over thinker syndrome. Seriously. Manage your time wisely when it comes to thinking. Forty percent of your time should be spent evaluating and utilizing your critical thinking skills to come up with the most beneficial list of priorities to better yourself. Sixty percent is to be spent putting your plan into action. After all, that is the only way you are going to figure out whether it works or not. If you don’t act and make change, you will stay right where you are indefinitely. Lastly, let go of the things that you can’t control and worry about yourself.

P.S: Thank you Jennifer for being such a great inspiration to me. I always look forward to reading freshly pressed posts of yours. I’m glad that I found your blog. You help me see things in a way that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise if I didn’t come across your blog. I read it like it’s the readers digest! :)

Can someone really be sexually attracted to an inanimate object?

It seems so! It’s called Objectophilia, better known as object sexuality or objectum sexuality. Basically, it’s a pronounced emotional and often romantic desire towards developing significant relationships with particular inanimate objects. If you’re reading this, I’m just as surprised as you are right now. Most people would read the above statement and automatically reply with negative snap judgments. Why? Because it’s in our human nature that when we hear or see something that isn’t a conformed part of society, we often assume that it doesn’t belong or that it’s wrong. This is where I differ from most people. I like to keep an open mind even when things start to get strange, mostly for educational purposes. People tend to consider relationships that can’t procreate, wrongful or taboo– which is how this all started.

Yesterday afternoon before Jason and I went to grab some grub for lunch, he was just finishing up a television show in which I couldn’t carry an ounce of interest if I tried especially because I can’t even recall what he was watching. As the show had come to an end, neither Jason or I had the sudden urge to reach for the remote. So, of course like always; another show was yet again fixing to come on. Only this time, it peeked my interest…so much in fact that I felt it was necessary to write up a blog post on it. This show is called Taboo. More specifically, Taboo – Forbidden Love.

In Washington State, 59 year old Edward Smith has a sexual attraction towards his vehicles. He owns a 1974 standard beetle named Vanilla and two others which make and model are not mentioned but are named Cinnamon and Ginger. I guess the more important one here is Vanilla since in the whole segment about him and his vehicles, they mainly put emphasis on him and Vanilla. Mr. Smith also claims that Vanilla is his favorite of the three. He even wrote a poem about her.

In Berlin Germany, a women has found herself to be in quite the relationship with the Berlin Wall. She actually relocated to Germany from the America’s so that she could be closer to her personal attraction. Because the Berlin Wall is an object of the public, she has smaller scale models of it in order to express her sexuality towards it in the privacy of her own home.

Research suggests that objectum sexual’s may be born with different hard wiring in the brain which is also known as synesthesia.

woman married to the eiffel tower

Erika La Tour Eiffel is a former U.S. Air Force soldier who claims to be married to the Eiffel Tower.

Jason and I glanced over at each other several times through out the segment about Edward Smith with confusion imprinted on both of our faces. We didn’t watch the entire episode. As soon as it went to commercial, we gathered ourselves and went out for some lunch. We never did get back to watching the rest of it. This morning while Jason was still sleeping, I went on the National Geographic website and finished watching the entire episode. I also took it upon myself to do a little research on object  sexuality. There isn’t really much research established, at least not that I found.

A lot of people try to assume that when reading something of the sort that perhaps it’s linked to their childhood. Maybe this individual was treated more as an object than a person and then later in life attaches themselves to an object for whatever reason. Although that may be the common sense assumption to make, something tells me that common sense seizes to exist here. Why aren’t more people doing it then? How come you don’t hear about this more often? I have read several articles of people being emotionally attached to inanimate objects and it just amazes me how ignorant and close minded people really are when I read some of the comments in the article feedback section. I bet there is something that every single one of us does that someone else thinks is abnormal or gross. I’m sure there are even more people that have a conflict of interest in something that we do or like. It’s life. We don’t have to understand it but we should respect it. I think as human beings, we need to learn how to be more accepting to how people choose to live their lives. Just because a person is physically and/or emotionally attached to inanimate objects, does not make them a bad person. I don’t perceive it as being weird, I think the better term to use here is different.

I really think that I need to go back and make reference to this part–

“Although that may be the common sense assumption to make, something tells me that common sense seizes to exist here. Why aren’t more people doing it then? How come you don’t hear about this more often?”

That’s just it! The English dictionary defines common sense as, and I quote, “sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.” As you know, I’m a person who thinks outside of the box. When I see those two words used together, common and sense; I enclose on the word “common”. Typically, people relate common sense to intelligence. It’s a “common” human mistake. Common sense is when you utilize your critical thinking skills in order to reach a sensible conclusion and/or decision. Usually, people will look back on past experiences of what worked versus what didn’t which is where the word common comes into play. Something common had to take place in order to establish that connection between right and wrong. If it wasn’t common, it either wouldn’t exist or be uncommon. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that the difference between common sense and intelligence is that you are born with one and not the other because I’m not completely comfortable with trying to deem that as true. There just isn’t enough proof to confirm that. Intelligence is raw material – an ore if you will, a resource to be mined. Common sense is practical – applied knowledge acquired through observation and experience. To me intelligence is based on book learning and memory. The ability to compile information and recall it.

Common sense is the ability to adapt to any situation by accurately APPLYING what you have learned, either by book learning or by experience and the ability to see ahead the outcome, good or bad. This is also called WISDOM.

Common sense requires being able to weigh all options based on probabilities and past experiences and be able to have a PROFITABLE outcome by the choice you make.

I have found many who have book learning, or who specialize or who are focused in one area, often times do not have much common sense.

Example: Common sense is having the presence of mind not to set your hand on the hot stove. Intelligence is the knowledge and understanding of WHY you shouldn’t put your hand on the stove.

Watching that segment on people who are attracted to inanimate objects, you might say that it doesn’t make any sense. Who are you to be so quick to judge? Last time I checked, there were absolutely no benefits of smoking a cigarette. To me smoking a cigarette doesn’t make any sense. I think when we do something that many people are against or don’t believe in, we try to convince others that it makes sense and most of the time, we incorporate excuses to validate our actions as acceptable.

Truth is, we are ALL different. Not one of us are the same. Even twins have their differences. This world is so stuck on conformity. Having everything be uniform gets old after awhile. It takes people of all kinds to make up this world we live in. That’s what makes life so beautiful. Don’t push it away, embrace it.

Hello again!

Hope everyone is well on this chilly, peaceful Wednesday! I would start off by introducing myself but I think that my short intro/bio does an adequate job doing that. Instead, I will tell you a little more about why I’m here as I’m sure you are quite interested. Communication is an interest and more or less a hobby of mine. I love to write. I’m a very opinionated person but at the same time, respect the opinions of others always; even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. After all, everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and their opinion. I find it so hard to believe that our society has turned into some monstrous form where you have to hesitate to express your opinions and beliefs in order to avoid conflict. I think I make it sound good when I use the word “conflict”. I mean, some people really go off the deep end if you say, “I’m Catholic and a Democrat”. That’s just non-sense! What’s wrong with a Catholic Democrat? Listen, it takes all types of people to make this world go round. We are too busy spending time nit-picking at everyone’s beliefs that we don’t see the real problem. Unity. We live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We are supposed to be UNITED , no matter what. We are supposed to work together regardless of our religion, political stance, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you think my words of wisdom are of any motivational use, you’re wrong. I’m just one person, I can’t change the world. I know I’m ONE person towards helping to change the world but it all won’t matter unless we ALL work together. UNITED. So, why should I bother when no one else cares? I’m just some stupid, Catholic Democrat anyways, right?

Anyways, writing is a great stress reliever for me. Like a druggy (I don’t use any illegal substances, just a poor frame of reference I decided to use), it’s my fix. Sometimes my posts are short and sweet and some times they are long and deep. Depends where I’m at in my points of life. I’m a very analytically inclined person. Just for your information and future reference, this is MY blog and I will post whatever my little heart desires. In advance, if my posts offend you; I apologize. Simply just click the [x] at the top and politely see your way out. There are no need for rude, unprofessional comments to my blog. There is a difference between constructive and destructive dialog, you know. I’m not saying to refrain from expressing your opinion because believe me, I’m ALL for that and will genuinely respect those opinions but for the sake of all that is holy and peaceful; there is a right and wrong way to do that! Use your common sense! That’s all. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m some big jerk who uses big words to make myself sound superior to others or anything but I do like to keep my blog clean and professional. I value education which is another thing that you will learn from me and through my perspectives that I post about. I look forward to sharing them with you and seeking your feedback.

Anyways, thank you so much for your time and welcome to my blog. Please feel free to follow as I will return the favor. I look forward to learning more about you and hope to talk to you real soon!

Little Miss Perfectionist

I can’t deal. This is the third time since I’ve started this blog that I’ve trashed all my posts because I wasn’t satisfied. Why do I insist on being so difficult when this should really be so simple? Ughh! Writing has always been one of those things that I love doing but can never be happy with what I write. For crying out loud! I act like my life depends on it.

If I ever decide to leave well enough alone, there are many things that you will learn about me.

One of those things is that I’m an over thinker. I over think EVERYTHING.

Having a blog was always on my list of things to accomplish for as long as I can remember.

When I finally got this thing going, I had no clue what my objective would be nor which direction I wanted to take this blog in.

I’ve brainstormed some ideas of what I’d like to write about and it extends anywhere from talking about myself to my perspectives on current day topics. Here I go over thinking things again! I just literally had the thought–“Well, I don’t want to talk about myself too much because then people might think I’m full of myself…” Why in the world should I care in the first place? This is MY blog! This might actually be a challenge for me. Sad but true.

Well, wish me luck! Lets give this another wirl! Hopefully for the last time.